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Fundamental Shift in the {1718} Universe

Fundamental Shift in the {1718} Universe

I just put my second child on a plane to Cheyenne, WY. I am retired and just been through a hellacious three weeks. Summer has arrived in SE Louisiana-today is June 4.

There is a new recipe for 1718; the HNOC has started a new book club; and its first book is on French Colonial Louisiana. Two 1718 stories are in the works. As soon asI get a moment, a revised Preview of The Petticoat Rebellion will be posted.

Thanks to all who have “liked” the 1718 Facebook page. As my favorite fictional character has often said, “the game is afoot” !

PS: now officially in the 21st century. This item blogged fro St. John’s Coffeehouse in Covington, LA

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