‘Tis the Holidays once more . . .

‘Tis the Holidays once more. Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Yuletide! May you all have blesséd and prosperous days not only from Thanksgiving through Twelfth Night, but through all the year!

As I mentioned in last week’s blog, the workflow of 2014 will include marketing and PR efforts. So when I pulled up my blog folder today, I chanced to look back on some old marketing tools I learned about in 2012 and 2013. Below you will find my social profile, I also have decided to include here the vision statement of the 1718 project.

A Social Profile

Jerry (aka Jon) Laiche is a retired teacher whose retirement job is a writer of history.  A native of New Orleans, he currently lives with his wife at Cardinal’s Creek, a ten acre forest 30 miles north of New Orleans’ Lake Pontchartrain.  Current projects include a culinary history of colonial New Orleans, The Petticoat Rebellion; a retelling of the history of the founding of the city, 1718: A TriCentennial Memo. He blogs at https://1718neworleans2018.wordpress.com.  He is still trying to figure out exactly what Social Media is, He communicates in the New Media all the time, every day in fact; but hardly anyone ever communicates in return. This strikes him as very unsocial of something claiming to be called Social Media. So he writes about himself a lot in the third person.

The Vision of the 1718 Project.

  1. the composition of a Culinary History of colonial New Orleans and Louisiana:
  2. a retelling of the history of the founding of New Orleans (and Louisiana):
  3. workshop seminars for Social Studies teachers throughout New Orleans and Louisiana,(and perhaps the nation)
  4. creation of classroom materials (including digital resources) for the New Orleans Tricentennial.
  5. school and public tours of relevant historical sites,
  6. public and private library activities, and possibly (e) coordination of appropriate museum exhibits.

The 1718 Project is designed (like the New Media within which it rests) to be a collaborative project and as such welcomes contributions from other historians, writers, and anyone who loves this great city and its stupendous potential.

So as Beth and I put the finishing touches on Volume 1 of The Petticoat Rebellion, it is a good time for you my dear readers to reflect not only on the holidays but also on what can your contributions be to the New Orleans tricentennial.

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