Thoughts upon the Completion of a Book

The Petticoat Rebellion; A Culinary History of French Colonial Louisiana (Parts I and II) is complete.

Complete and finished, though, are two distinctly different states of being. A huge chunk of my life is now wrapped up. The final phases of this magnum opus are now in the hands of a publisher. Their response will determine the course of the upcoming years. If accepted, there will certainly be months ahead of revisions, rewrites, and negotiations – both literary and fiduciary. If not accepted, months ahead will include a few more submissions, and/or preparing the work for the self publishing process. Whichever way this turns out, I – as the saying goes – have my work cut out for me.

The excitement, the fear, the hope, the prayers, the mood swings, now dominate my thoughts. I must press on, however, with the completion of the recipes, the illustrations, and the thoughts of the next project. Will there be a Part III (the Spanish colonial era) ? Should I turn my attention to Governor Vaudreuil, a popular biography? What about the 1718 website? Take it down? Modify it? Come to think on it, New Orleans wasn’t built in a day. it wasn’t until 1722 that the city became the capital. Or until the mid-1720’s that it took on any shape resembling a city.

Or should I just blow the whole thing off for a couple of weeks and work in the garden? In any event, thanks are once again in order. Whether anybody is reading this blog or not. having the ability to publicly think out loud about these things is a blessing in itself. So, to whoever is out there, Thanks Again.


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