I have never been good at waiting. Now, in last few weeks of a typically HOT Louisiana summer, I find myself w-a-i-t-i-n-g.

Waiting for the hot weather to break. Waiting for the holiday season. Waiting for the plumber (or rather waiting for. the $$$$$ to pay a plumber), and most of all – WAITING TO HEAR FROM A PUBLISHER !!!

Yes, dear readers, Part II of The Petticoat Rebellion is being reviewed by a publishing house. it has been there now for 2 months. This house’s submission guidelines clearly states that their review process takes up to twelve weeks to complete. So I figure, since they have had my book for 8 weeks now, I am either being completely ignored, or being moved through their review process with some hope of being accepted.


So now I wait. And while I wait, I figured I would share the fantasy of waiting with you. First, you must understand, I am a huge fan of TCM, the classic – and not so classic – movie channel. I love old movies, and I love many new movies too. I have always thought that life ought to be more like the movies. And I have always hoped that at least once in my life, the movie miracle would happen to me. You know, the one in which, after half the movie is over, after all the struggle and disappointment, the actress/actor/singer/writer/artist/whomever is in the right place at the right time and gets the big break. She or he then dances across the stage to thunderous applause, hugs and kisses their partner, and the pair walks, rides, or sails off into the sunset, etc. etc.

So anyway, here’s what’s going to happen to me. The book is accepted for publication – months of rewrites, edits, test recipes ensue – I work my tail off giving presentations, talking at conferences, signing at bookstores. Of course, all of these activities are supported by a generous advance from the publisher, enabling me to work on the next volume in the series, make the necessary travel and speeches, revise and maintain my website, keep blogging, and in general live happily ever after.

Without a doubt, these are the dreams of every artist. I wish the same for all my readers no matter whatever their endeavors may be. Meanwhile, we wait.


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