Farewell and Hello

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!  Let all who have ears, hear. Let all who have eyes, see. Be it known to all these present that CHANGES ARE COMING to the online presence, platform, and literary beingness of The 1718 Project, Technical Support Services, Inc, the new TSSI Editorial Services, The Petticoat Rebellion, Madame Langlois’ Legacy, A Classical Blog, and all other literary endeavors of Jon G. and Elizabeth G.  Laiche.

Farewell to http://1718neworleans.com. All hail and welcome https://jerryandbeth.com.

1718neworleans.com will no longer be available after mid-July of 2019. All the still relevant webpages, blogs, and informational material produced by the 1718neworleans team of writers, editors, bon vivants, and bloggers will henceforth be housed at jerryandbeth.com.

There dear readers and followers, you will be able to find our blogs on culinary history and the development of our (so-far) two books. Information on our new Editorial Services – “Helping our clients Become Better Writers -, blogs about our editorial adventures, the publication trials and triumphs of Madame Langlois’ Legacy (publication due by the end of summer,’19), entries about further TriCentennial affairs, the evolution of the newest Northshore Writing Club – i.e. The Piney Hills W. G., etc, etc, etc.

I want to thank everyone for following along with this homage to the Tricentennial of New Orleans, and to all of out literary efforts to that end. And please join us on our continuing adventures into writing, editing, blogging, and generally being a pleasant online pastime  for your edification and entertainment. Thanks again for all your support!

Jon G. and Elizabeth G. (aka Jerry and Beth) Laiche

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