So, you wanna be a writer?

Here’s a high summer commentary on a writer’s life. Before you are overwhelmed by what may seem to be negativity, let me state up front – I LOVE DOING THIS STUFF !!!!!

I just sent MY EDITOR three hundred bucks. It’s cool being able to write “MY EDITOR” after all these years. My first book, 2015’s The Petticoat Rebellion, A Culinary History of French Colonial Louisiana was researched, composed, then self-edited, and then self-published, and it shows. That first attempt at WRITING, was not one of my best moments. As I proudly strutted about mouthing off about being an author – another look at the First Printing revealed an entire chapter about certain recipes – AND NO RECIPES INCLUDED THEREIN !!!. Not that you cannot guess, it was quickly recompiled and followed three months later with the Second Printing.

Undeterred, work resumed on (what was then called) the 2nd Volume. That was mid-2015. Now in mid-2019, the ‘2nd Volume’ has morphed into A Completely Revised, Expanded, and Updated Edition of the first attempt. It has been renamed Madame Langlois’ Legacy.



The original chapters and the expansion, roughly half and half, were completed in the Fall of 2018. Then between my wife (also an author), my daughter (also a writer) and myself, the editing process began. Now down to the grunt work of editing copy and proofreading, I was wondering now that the research and writing was done, what would be the next goal of my golden years? From somewhere in my fevered brain, the idea arose that hey – maybe I can be an editor – A REAL EDITOR. Then quite by accident in conversation with a friend, a client appeared !!!! Whoa, now I have put my money where my mouth is.

The above can serve as a prologue to this essay, whose theme is living the literary life. So I am pleased to announce that for all intents and purposes, I am indeed and finally living the life of a writer. Moreover, I am fulfilling my lifelong dream of being a historian. Sure, life tasks still get in the way, but the writing life is taking up more and more of my time. Now comes the task of formatting the Revised, Expanded, and Updated new Edition of Madame Langlois’ Legacy. BTW, Madame Langlois was Gov. Bienville’s housekeeper and cook – who took it upon herself to teach the new girls arriving from France to marry the colonists how to prepare and cook the native foods found in Louisiana.


Add to the formatting work – an essential part of the writing life – my new gig as Book Editor (for other writers) dare I say that the elements are all falling into place. I hope my small but growing company of followers will bear with me as I progress in these fields. Meanwhile, I can begin to post some finished chapters of the new history as well as PR blurbs regarding the writers and the works they produce as the edited works are published in the future.

Finally, some shameless self-promotion: If anyone would like to inquire into my editorial services, I may be contacted at or through these WordPress publications.

Stay tuned for updates and by all means. – GO FOR IT – you can be a writer too.


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