(with apologies to Louis Armstrong.)

Today, this month, and for all of 2014 and beyond, I enter the world of marketing and PR. An unsavory notion at best for most writers, I am no exception. I love to write, I love to tell my story, I hope people will read it and possibly buy it . But since I cannot afford to have anyone help me sell the book, and sell the 1718 project, I must do these things myself.

please buy
What we would like to do !!!

So, all the marketing books say that the first thing I should do is identify my target audience. Hello target audience! I have no idea if anybody even reads this blog, but I’m going to talk to you anyway. What are some of the characteristics of my imaginary target audience?

First, one who would read my book/ buy my book has to love New Orleans.

Next, they have to be excited about the upcoming 300th anniversary of the founding of this great city.

Also, they have to love the cooking and culinary heritage of this great city.

Next, they have to love the history of the Crescent City.

I would think they would also be regular visitors to the French Quarter,

as well as to the various museums in and around New Orleans,

they would be regular participants in the cultural events that happen almost daily in the city that care forgot.

They would/could be educators who teach about any of the above in and around Louisiana (and even beyond)

So, dear reader, are you or do know anyone who fits any of these above categories?


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